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Dr John Workman

The vast majority of my adult life I have been involved in one capacity or the other within the financial service industry. My financial career began in the 1980s and has lasted right up until today. I started my career in the industry as a regular clerk with a large real estate firm “Olympia and York”. They were one of the largest commercial real estate developers in New York City at the time. From there I moved over to Lehman Brothers where I became involved in the world of mergers and acquisitions of major companies and corporations. Having gotten my feet wet to some degree within the financial industry I decided to move out on my own and joined the mortgage industry in 1990. In 1994 I added real estate to my financial mix and formed J A Home Sales in 1999. Today I’ve added even more to the mix with “DJW Consulting “which specializes in providing a variety of financial services to the general public as well as to businesses.

My message to everyone is this. It is no secret that the vast majority of Americans are finding it extremely hard to create wealth for themselves based on their present income situation. I propose that it is not entirely the lack of income that is holding back many Americans. Although, for a good number of people that is indeed the case. However, I have surmised that in addition to low income and wages another factor that affects our ability to create wealth for ourselves is how we pay our debts. With this discovery I am absolutely amazed at how major a part it plays in holding back so many Americans financially. For instance our credit card industry encourages you to accumulate credit card debt and in turn pushes you to pay that debt with minimum payments. What is not understood is that by paying the minimum payment you are putting yourself in the position where you will have to repay that debt at almost 65% of the amount borrowed. Now think about this, on a $10,000 credit card load that is $6500 paid to the lender over a 300 month period. There are ways that you can pay back on that $10,000 debt without having to pay out $6500 over such a long period of time. That may not seem like much with one single credit card however; when we multiply that scenario over several cards the effect is astounding. Once you look at things from this perspective each time you payback that $6500 that is money out your pocket going into someone else’s.

The strategy of accumulating wealth does not include your having to pay back large sums of money to someone else. If you look at the mortgage industry and calculate how interest is paid over a 30 year period you will find that you will be paying back close to 80% of the principal amount you borrowed from the institution. Again we see the same scenario where you are paying vast sums of money to an institution in order to satisfy your debts. My message to you is this, we all have debts and we will continue to acquire debt as part of our financial system. However, when it comes to the satisfying our financial obligations there are no rule that requires you to pay back on that money by industry standards.

The MonyWize software represents a way that you can satisfy your financial obligations in the shortest period of time based on your present debt load and present disposable income. It shows you a way to satisfy those obligations while at the same time reveals to you the possibilities of wealth that can be acquired through the redirection of money freed up once various accounts are satisfied at an accelerated pace. There are some who say they don’t need a software to achieve that goal. That may sound nice but unfortunately I would have to disagree. All you need for proof is to look at the present financial situation of most people today. Ranging from excessive student loan debt saddled on kids just coming out of school to credit card balances held by established adults. Everyone is being strangled by the specter of excessive indebtedness and high interest pay backs. When it comes to your finances you can play the game their way and make them rich (your debt holders). Or you can take this software and use it to satisfy your financial commitments in record time and then take your newly found disposable income and create additional wealth for yourself. If this sounds overly simplified the fact is its true. It is very rare when a service comes along that can serve you effectively in two capacities. The moneywise program is an excellent program for paying off your debts quickly and accumulating wealth through the interest you save accordingly.

Dr John Workman