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H Gibbs

H Gibbs

As I look back over my Networking Marketing career, I remember the excitement, passion and enthusiasm that I had to live a lifestyle with endless possibilities for my wife Lynn and two sons. I made a commitment early in my life to achieve wealth, and I was willing make sacrifices necessary to achieve it. Even though I was highly motivated, teachable and coachable, I experienced some set backs along the way that were out of my control. It became increasingly frustrating to build major organizations in companies, to see them fail because of financial mismanagement, incompetence or greed. Nevertheless, I forged ahead.

Over the course of our 30-year career, my wife and business partner Lynn and I built international organizations comprised of over 200 thousand distributors. In the process of becoming multi-million dollar earners ourselves, we developed a network that produced other multi-million dollar earners. As a result, there were some that became 6-figure annual earners, and thousands of others were empowered financially. In addition, I was one of four founding partners of an internationally recognized team that at one point represented over 50 percent of the U.S. Market for what became a multi-billion company during that time.

We established leadership academies, hosted seminars, national and international training events, along with audio and video training materials, radio and other sources of empowerment. We coached and trained highly skilled and trained leaders who transitioned to become highly successful leaders in both network marketing and private enterprise. The outreach of our training impacted hundreds of thousands of distributors, community service activities and ministries.

As significant as our achievements were, they were attained in a profession riddled with challenges. Whether it was product value to consumers, cost of enrollment, poor compensation plan design or high attrition rates, it was often times difficult for many people to profit. Unfortunately, many company foundations are host to at least one of these challenges.

So why am I so excited about MonyWize? It’s simple. We can build and close our career with a company of substance, and we are on board before the masses are aware! Why are we so certain about our future? Everything that a person would need to build walk away residual income is here. MonyWize is built on a well-designed foundation. Our Debt Elimination Wealth Acceleration Software has undeniable consumer value, and our low cost for enrollment makes it accessible to the masses. The ability to build a solid, sustainable income based on principles of profitability, low maintenance, and fair compensation is unparalleled in our profession. MonyWize is the prototypical Model for the Future of Network Marketing, and Lynn and I feel both proud and fortunate to be a pioneer. What a way to punctuate a 30-year career!

Herschel and Lynn Gibbs

MonyWize Ambassadors