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Cheryl Walton Attorney

Why The Monywize Software

The Monywize software is an extraordinary mortgage and debt elimination program. Although I have known for years about financial systems and programs to assist people in paying off their mortgage and debts, yet, I never pulled the trigger.  Primarily, because of exposing personal information, as well as the convoluted and extensive process time to upload information.  Monywize definitely utilized the KISS (keep It simple stupid) Method in developing this software. I was pleasantly surprised when Monywize did not require SSN (social security number), banking and or personal information. After completing my profile I was BLOWN AWAY! The software indicated my house will paid off in 9 years saving $111,000.00! Additionally, if I continued to invest the discretionary amount in a safe investment it would amount to over $1.2 million in 30 years.

Do yourself a huge favor and get this software and complete your profile ASAP!

Have a marvelous life.

Cheryl Walton  Attorney