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Lionel Walton

Why Monywize,

My name is Lionel Walton; I am a retired Army Officer, retired as a Lead Accountant from NASA, and part owner and Executive VP of a sauce company.  I am going to share with you why in my humble opinion Monywize is an extraordinary and exceptional opportunity. I have been involved in network marketing for over a decade and have had the privilege to qualify and achieve substantial leadership positions in several companies. Not in one of those companies could we guarantee a savings, matter of fact, it was illegal to state that claim, however, with Monywize we can! Monywize guarantees you will save money if you use the software. Monywize is not an “I like to or I want to opportunity,” it’s an “I need to opportunity!” I say that because I don’t know any person that doesn’t have a mortgage and or debt. Debt entails credit cards, store cards, car loans, student loans, child support, mortgages, medical bills and etc… What is stupendous an awesome about Monywize, is that it’s not just a debt elimination program, it builds wealth as well! What makes Monywize more enticing is the unbelievable onetime cost of $50! That covers your entry fee and back office website for the year, are YOU KIDDING ME, $50! Not to mention the residual and the compensation plan is unparalleled!   

I’ll end with this, no one gets hurt with Monywize, relationships are not destroyed and it’s an enormous feeling of comfort, knowing by removing debt restore relationships, relieves stress, and save lives. That’s a feeling beyond compare.

Do yourself a favor look at Monywize, get involved, save lives and create wealth.

Have a marvelous life.

Lionel Walton