It's Your Money. Use it Wisely.

How It Works

Homeowners in the USA and Canada have successfully been for the last 15+ years. Australia and The United Kingdom" are far more advanced in their awareness of this software. 1/4 of all homes in Australia and 1/3 of all homes in United Kingdom currently use this type of software, now it is time for the US to take advantage too. Many Fortune 500 companies use a banking technique called a "sweep account". This technique is used to reduce the daily calculated interest. Big companies started moving or "sweeping" their bank accounts daily to an outstanding interest bearing loan to reduce average daily interest. To take advantage of this strategy you need the following:

  1. Detailed Budget

    Start by outlining a detailed budget of all of your earnings and expenditures. Creating a budget is easy, start by looking at how much money comes in each month and balance it with how much money you are spending every month. The program only works if you are making more money than you are spending.

  2. Credit Card, Checking/Savings Account or Debit Card

    The program works with any credit card, checking/savings account or debit card as a tool to manage all of your monthly expenditures. It must have the capacity to operate just like a checking account and must be set up with an open-end interest calculation. The LOC with our web-based software will create an environment in which the money from your line of credit account generates an interest cancellation on your primary mortgage and other consumer obligations. The interest bearing account is the perfect solution if you don't qualify for a line of credit because it allows you to start saving interest right away.

  3. Software Platform

    Our web based financial software platform contains a series of mathematical algorithms that systematically creates the highest interest savings possible in the least amount of time. Each individual, due to the uniqueness of their situation requires a custom wealth acceleration plan to achieve optimal results. The software platform combines the power of understanding how to maximize the use of a line of credit for interest elimination while maximizing your cashflow by using the exact amount of discretionary income you have remaining at the end of every month to eliminate debt and increasing your net worth.

Using the software platform in conjunction with a line of credit creates the ability for you to establish an acceleration account for the purposes of debt elimination and wealth creation. Essentially, the program teaches you how to use proven and tested principles to help beat the banking industry. In life, we are taught to earn money and put it into a checking or a savings account to protect it and maybe earn a little bit of interest. By doing this, we are giving the bank a loan so it can invest our money and make a higher return. Why allow the bank to use your money at their convenience without getting something of value in return?

By using the software platform, we help you make your money work for you instead of working for the bank. You can accomplish this through using a line of credit account as a checking account, which gives you the ability to use the bank’s money instead of your own money for the purposes of building wealth. It’s easy and it does not require more work than you are already doing now with your existing checking account. Doing so allows you to take control of your finances!

If you cannot qualify for a line of credit initially you can still benefit from using the software platform by using a traditional checking or savings account as your acceleration account. This strategy is not as effective as using a line of credit but it will still help you to manage your monthly cashflow more effectively, allowing you to save a significant amount of money in interest savings. It’s a great option for you as you begin to rebuild your credit profile until such time when you are able to qualify for a line of credit. Then all you need to do is replace your checking account with the line of credit as your acceleration account.

By following the custom wealth acceleration plan designed by our software platform our average customer can potentially save tens if not hundreds of thousand of dollars in interest payments and eliminate all of their debts including a mortgage faster than they ever dreamed possible! It is not an exaggeration on our part to state the road to financial freedom has never been easier once you harness the power of our software platform. Here is a snapshot of the enormous savings our clients are realizing by using our software platform on a daily basis.